Refinery Welding Inspection Service excels at delivering specialized Refinery Welding Inspection Services. We ensure top safety, quality, and compliance standards in refinery operations. Committed to excellence, uses a rigorous inspection process. It aligns with key industry codes like ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, and ASME Sec. I. This approach ensures all refinery welding activities meet strict standards. It guarantees infrastructure integrity and reliability.


Ensuring Compliance with Industry Standards

ASME Codes and Standards designs its Refinery Welding Inspection Services to follow ASME codes. These codes are crucial for refinery operations:

  • ASME B31.1 (Power Piping) and ASME B31.3 (Process Piping): These codes ensure safety and efficiency in refinery piping systems. They govern fabrication, installation, inspection, and testing.
  • ASME Sec. I (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code): This section dictates the standards for the design, fabrication, and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels, ensuring their safe operation within the refinery.

Collaboration with Authorized Inspectors

A key aspect of's service involves working with Authorized Inspectors from the National Board Inspection Code. This partnership all but guarantees welding inspections and certifications meet code requirements. It offers unmatched assurance to refinery plant operations and maintenance managers.

Advanced Inspection Techniques and Services

  •'s Refinery Welding Inspection Services encompass a range of advanced techniques and practices to ensure comprehensive coverage:

    • Code Material Monitoring: Ensuring all materials used in refinery welding projects comply with ASME standards, guaranteeing the highest quality and compatibility.
    • Rod Oven Temperature Monitoring: Critical for maintaining the integrity of welding rods, this process ensures optimal welding conditions and prevents material degradation.
    • MTR (Mill Test Report) Tracking: employs meticulous MTR tracking to verify the origin, composition, and properties of materials used, ensuring traceability and compliance.
    • Weld Mapping and Weld Logging: These practices record all welding activities and inspections. They are required for quality control, maintenance planning, and code compliance.
    • Torque Tracking: Ensuring bolted connections are tightened to correct specifications, a crucial factor for the structural integrity and safety of refinery facilities.
    • Hydrostatic Test Witnessing and Documenting:  Witness the appropriate pressure, mapping of battery limits, documenting calibration certs, and monitoring/logging both start/stop times.

Furthermore, opting for for Refinery Welding Inspection Services means teaming up with an industry leader. brings unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge approaches, and a commitment to safety and compliance to every project. is dedicated to exceptional service, whether onsite or via comprehensive QA/QC oversight. We meet the refinery oil and gas sector needs.

Focusing on Refinery Welding Inspection Services, ensures your operations comply with standards and succeed long-term. Trust to be your partner in maintaining the highest standards of refinery welding integrity and reliability.

The Refinery Inspection Advantage

   Selecting for Refinery Inspection means collaborating with a field leader. Focusing on Pre-Turnaround and Turnaround services, boasts a highly responsive team. Our inspectors excel in fast-paced projects.




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