New York City Welding Inspection Services

Ensuring Quality Welds for New York City Businesses

Are you seeking a reliable New York City Welding Inspection Service in the heart of New York City? Look no further than AWSCWI.COM. Our team of AWS CWI certified inspectors is dedicated to ensuring the integrity, compliance, and safety of your welded products and systems.

Comprehensive New York City Welding Inspection

At AWSCWI.COM, we understand the importance of thorough inspections to identify any defects or weaknesses in welded components. Our New York City welding inspection service covers a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects.


Expertise in AWS CWI Code Compliance

Our inspectors are highly trained and certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) as Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI). This ensures that our inspections adhere to the applicable industry requirements, providing you with confidence in the quality of welds.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Every project is unique, and we recognize that different industries have varying requirements when it comes to welding. That's why we offer customized inspection solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require on-site inspections or in-depth analysis of welding procedures, we have you covered.

Responsive and Reliable Service

At AWSCWI.COM, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide responsive and reliable service to all our welding inspection New York City clients. Our team is readily available to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding welding inspections.

With AWSCWI.COM, you can trust that your welding projects are in good hands. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive inspection and ensure the quality and safety of your welded code compliant projects in New York City.

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Our Welding Inspection New York City Company Provides

New York City On-Site Welder Qualification

We offer On-Site welder qualification testing for projects that require continuous AWS CWI inspection.  Testing available for all processes.

First Party Welding Inspection in New York City

Our first party weld inspection in New York is in support of the self performing general contractor or the qualified welding subcontractor.  Full-time Onsite inspection service.

New York City Second Party Welding Inspection's New York City second party weld inspection services is in support of the General Contractor to monitor subcontractor compliance. Assisting Quality Control or Quality Assurance.

Third Party Welding Inspection in New York City

We provide exceptional New York City 3rd party welding inspection services is in support of the EPC, Project Owner, The AHJ, Project Investors and both Private or Government Entities.

Pipeline Welding Inspection New York City

Accurate New York City pipeline welding inspection service inspectors, track and trace welder production on the line.  AWS D1.1 Piping, API 1104, AWWA C200, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission and in between.

New York City Power Plant Welding Inspection

Our ASME B31.1 New York City power plant welding inspection services inspect, red line, witness hydro testing. tracks torquing, manages MTRs, checks rod ovens, manages procedures and maps welder production.  

Refinery Welding Inspection New York City

Our ASME B31.1 and B31.3 refinery welding inspection services do more than just inspect.  We red line, witness hydros, torque track, manage MTRs, check oven temps, manage procedures and track weld locations on the drawing.  

New York City Structural Welding Inspection

Our AWS D1.1, IBC, and AISC 360 structural welding inspection services inspect, torque track, manage MTRs.  Additionally, check oven temp, manage procedures, welder certs, and track welder production as it happens.  

Tank Welding Inspection in New York City

The API 650, API 653, and AWWA D100 tank welding inspection service inspectors manage MTRs.  They also check oven temps, manage procedures, welder certs, and roll out map welder production on the project as it happens.  

New York City Aerospace Welding Inspection

Our AWS D17.1, D17.2, D17.3 aerospace welding inspection services inspect, manage MTRs, check and monitor all essential variables.  In addition, manage procedures, welder certs, and track welder stencils and IDs as they weld.  

Welcome to the New York City Welding Inspection Company in the Big Apple

Often referred to as the Big Apple, the vibrant city of New York City teems with life, ambition, and boundless opportunities. Here, each street corner has a story to tell, and the skyline, reaching into the heavens, symbolizes both aspiration and resilience. For professionals shaping the city's infrastructure, New York offers a landscape rich with possibility and a testament to human creativity.

The Heart of New York: The Civic Center

In the heart of the city, the Civic Center area stands as a remarkable mix of architectural styles, serving as the core of municipal operations. This district, with its historic courthouses and sleek modern office buildings, mirrors the city's rich history and its relentless march toward the future. It's also the setting for some of the city’s most significant public events and gatherings, transforming this administrative hub into a lively space for community engagement.

Events That Captivate the World

New York City shines when hosting events that capture global attention. The electrifying atmosphere of Times Square on New Year’s Eve and the vibrant, joyful Pride Parade exemplify the city’s capacity for hosting celebrations that bring diverse communities together. These occasions are not just displays of culture and happiness but also achievements in organization and safety, ensuring a lasting positive impression on both residents and visitors.

Challenges and Opportunities in Construction and Engineering

For those in construction and engineering, New York City represents an awe-inspiring showcase of architectural complexity and innovation. The critical task of ensuring the structural integrity and safety of its landmarks and new developments demands precision, expertise, and unwavering dedication to quality. This is the domain of AWSCWI.COM, a leading New York City welding inspection company. Their expert services have played a pivotal role in monitoring welding projects at key locations across New York, ensuring that from skyscrapers to historic bridges, every structure is not only awe-inspiring but also secure and durable.

AWSCWI.COM: A Pillar of New York's Inspection Service Scene

AWSCWI.COM's contributions to New York City welding inspection on significant projects. Some of them include the process for erection of the new One World Trade Center building, and the restoration of the historic Brooklyn Bridge. The development of the expansive Hudson Yards complex, highlights their essential role in defining New York’s skyline. By adhering to the highest New York City welding inspection standards, they help uphold the city's outstanding reputation worldwide. The Big Apple is a giant hub of innovation, safety, and architectural splendor.

A Legacy of Building Dreams

For professionals navigating New York City's intricate construction and engineering landscape, collaborating with a seasoned and dependable welding inspection service like AWSCWI.COM can be a game-changer. Their specialized expertise not only guarantees adherence to strict safety regulations but also contributes to the lasting legacy of New York’s built environment.


In summary, New York City remains a symbol of progress, diversity, and resilience. For engineers and contractors, it presents not just challenges but opportunities to contribute to a city that always dreams big. With the backing of specialized services from providers like AWSCWI.COM, these visionaries can be confident that their projects will not only reach great heights but also stand the test of time, enriching the ongoing narrative of the Big Apple.




Image of One World Trade Center in New York, symbolizing resilience, with AWSCWI.COM ensuring quality specialized welding inspections.

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