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Welcome to AWSCWI.COM, where we specialize in top-notch welding inspection services across Houston. Our team of certified weld inspectors brings precision, safety, and industry compliance to every project.

Why Choose Our Certified Houston Welding Inspection Company?

Choosing the right Houston welding inspection company means ensuring the structural integrity of your construction. Our Houston-based AWS certified weld inspectors employ advanced techniques to deliver reliable results.

Comprehensive Houston AWS CWI Services

Our services extend beyond conventional inspections. We cater to various sectors, including industrial, commercial, and residential construction. Moreover, AWSCWI.COM ensures each inspection aligns with American Welding Society standards.

Ensuring Structural Welding Quality in Houston

Quality is not just a goal; it's a promise. Our team meticulously examines welding work on structural projects to safeguard against potential failures. Consequently, we help you mitigate risks and enhance the longevity of your structures.

Industrial Welding Inspection Services in Houston

Industries demand rigorous safety and quality standards. Our expert Houston welding inspectors specialize in comprehensive evaluations, ensuring that every weld meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of your industry.

Pipeline Welding Inspectors in Houston

Pipelines are critical to Houston's infrastructure and require specialized attention. Our inspectors are skilled in the latest techniques to ensure the integrity and safety of pipeline installations.  Solid Houston welding inspection companies make this a priority and it's among the top of our welding inspection list!

AWSCWI.COM stands as a leader in Houston welding inspection. We ensure each project achieves excellence and compliance, thereby fostering trust and reliability with our clients. Choose us for your next project to experience the professional difference.

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Our Houston Welding Inspection Company Provides:

Houston On-Site Welder Qualification

We provide on-site welder qualification testing for projects that require ongoing AWS CWI inspection. Testing is offered for all code qualification procedures.

First Party Welding Inspection in Houston

Our first-party weld inspection services help the self-performing general contractor or qualified welding subcontractor. Full-time onsite inspection services.

Second Party Welding Inspection in Houston

AWSCWI.com provides second-party Houston welding inspection services to help the General Contractor manage subcontractor compliance. Assisting Quality Control or Quality Assurance.

Third Party Welding Inspection in Houston

We offer superior third-party Houston welding inspection services in support of the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), Project Owner, AHJ, Project Investors, and both private and government entities.

Pipeline Welding Inspection Service Houston

Accurate pipeline welding inspection service inspectors, with track and trace welder production on-line. AWS D1.1 Piping, API 1104, AWWA C200, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission, and everything in-between.

Houston Power Plant Welding Inspection Service

Our ASME B31.1 power plant welding inspection services include red line and hydro testing docs. AWSCWI.com monitors torquing, controls MTRs, inspects rod ovens, administers processes, and maps welder production.

Refinery Welding Inspection Service Houston

Our ASME B31.1 and B31.3 refinery Houston welding inspection services go beyond just inspecting. We redline, witness hydros, torque track, monitor MTRs, check oven temperatures, control procedures, and keep track of weld sites on the drawing.

Structural Welding Inspection Service Houston

Our AWS D1.1, IBC, and AISC 360 welding inspection services include inspection, torque tracking, and MTR management. In addition, we monitor oven temperatures, manage procedures, welder certifications, and track welder production realtime.

Tank Welding Inspection Service Houston

MTRs are managed by welding inspectors. In accordance with API 650, API 653, and AWWA D100. They also monitor oven temperatures, oversee procedures and welder certifications, and implement map welder production on the project as it progresses.

Aerospace Welding Inspection Service Houston

Our AWS D17.1, D17.2, and D17.3 aerospace welding inspection services include inspecting, managing MTRs, and checking and monitoring all critical factors. In addition, manage procedures, welder certifications, and track welder stencils and IDs while welding.

Welcome to Houston, TX! Otherwise known as the Space City

Houston offers a vibrant landscape rich in innovation, culture, and business opportunities. This city is a hub for those looking to make a significant impact, whether in aerospace, technology, or construction.

Houston's Civic Center and Prominent Events

Houston’s civic center, the George R. Brown Convention Center, stands as a testament to the city's architectural and engineering prowess. Known for hosting major events like the Offshore Technology Conference and the Houston Auto Show, this center is a focal point for industry leaders and professionals from around the globe. AWSCWI.COM, a premier Houston welding inspection service, has been integral in ensuring the structural integrity of these large-scale events. Their expertise in welding inspection guarantees safety and compliance, which are critical in such high-stakes environments.

Key Projects Inspected by AWSCWI.COM

Projects at the NRG Stadium and the expanding Texas Medical Center have also benefited from AWSCWI.COM's detailed inspection services. At NRG Stadium, where both sports and large entertainment events occur regularly, maintaining a rigorous standard for welding safety is crucial. The team at AWSCWI.COM has consistently provided their services to ensure that every structural element meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Similarly, the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world, continues to grow and evolve. As new buildings rise, AWSCWI.COM plays a pivotal role in overseeing the construction process, focusing on the welding work that holds these vital structures together. This attention to detail not only ensures the safety of the buildings but also supports the medical innovations developed within them.

The Importance of Reliable Welding Inspections

For those in the construction and engineering fields, understanding the significance of reliable welding inspections is paramount. Houston’s dynamic growth in sectors like energy, healthcare, and manufacturing demands nothing less than excellence. With AWSCWI.COM’s certified inspectors, project managers can rest assured that their constructions are built to last, adhering to all industry regulations and standards.

Precision in Welding Inspection in Houston

In Houston, the need for precision in welding inspection cannot be overstated. As the city continues to expand and renovate, the role of experienced inspectors grows increasingly important. AWSCWI.COM is committed to upholding the city’s reputation for safety and excellence in construction. Their work not only supports Houston's physical infrastructure but also its community by ensuring the safety and reliability of public and private projects.

Choosing AWSCWI.COM for Your Projects

Choosing AWSCWI.COM for your next project means investing in Houston’s future safely and wisely. With their comprehensive inspection services, they help maintain the structural integrity of Houston’s landmarks and new developments alike. For more information on Houston’s major projects and construction standards, visit the City of Houston’s official website or explore educational resources at the University of Houston.


In conclusion, as Houston continues to grow and diversify, the expertise provided by AWSCWI.COM becomes ever more essential. They not only contribute to the city’s development but also ensure that each construction project they inspect is built for longevity and safety. Whether you are a local contractor or an engineer from out of state, partnering with AWSCWI.COM guarantees that your projects in Houston meet and exceed the




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