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Welcome to AWSCWI.COM, your go-to welding inspection service. We are the leading provider of certified AWS CWI welding inspectors. We serve contractors and owners across the United States and beyond. At AWSCWI.COM, we understand the importance of precision, safety, and reliability. That's why we commit to offering only the most qualified AWS CWI Welding Inspectors. Our goal is to ensure your projects meet and surpass industry standards.


Our nationwide service guarantees top-notch quality, compliance, and efficiency, no matter the location. Whether in bustling cities or remote territories of the U.S., we've got you covered. Additionally, we take pride in our seamless integration with your team. We provide expert oversight and conduct detailed inspections. Furthermore, we generate comprehensive reports that adhere to the latest codes and regulations. Ultimately, AWSCWI.COM stands as your trusted partner in achieving excellence.

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Our Welding Inspection Company Provides

On-Site Welder Qualification

We offer On-Site welder qualification testing for projects that require continuous AWS CWI inspection.  Testing available for all processes.

First Party Welding Inspection

Our first party weld inspection services is in support of the self performing general contractor or the qualified welding subcontractor.  Full-time Onsite inspection service.

Second Party Welding Inspection's 2nd party weld inspection services is in support of the General Contractor to monitor subcontractor compliance. Assisting Quality Control or Quality Assurance.

Third Party Welding Inspection

We provide exceptional 3rd party weld inspection services is in support of the EPC, Project Owner, The AHJ, Project Investors and both Private or Government Entities.

Pipeline Welding Inspection

Accurate pipeline welding inspection service inspectors, track and trace welder production on the line.  AWS D1.1 Piping, API 1104, AWWA C200, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission and everything in between.

Power Plant Welding Inspection

Our ASME B31.1 power plant welding inspection services inspect, red line, witness hydrostatic testing. tracks torquing, manages MTRs, checks rod ovens, manages procedures and maps welder production.  

Refinery Welding Inspection

Our ASME B31.1 and B31.3 refinery welding inspection services do more than just inspect.  We red line, witness hydros, torque track, manage MTRs, check oven temps, manage procedures and track weld locations on the drawing.  

Structural Welding Inspection

Our AWS D1.1, IBC, and AISC 360 welding inspection services inspect, torque track, manage MTRs.  Additionally, we check oven temps, manage procedures, welder certs, and trace welder production on the project as it happens.  

Tank Welding Inspection

The API 650, API 653, and AWWA D100 welding inspection service inspectors manage MTRs.  They also check oven temps, manage procedures, welder certs, and roll out map welder production on the project as it happens.  

Aerospace Welding Inspection

Our AWS D17.1, D17.2, D17.3 welding inspection services inspect, manage MTRs, check and monitor all essential variables.  In addition, manage procedures, welder certs, and track welder stencils and IDs as they weld.  

Our team specializes in comprehensive site inspection projects, adhering to the highest standards set by major welding and construction codes. We ensure your projects meet all requirements for safety, quality, and compliance.

Our Services Include Inspections According to:

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers): Ensuring mechanical and engineering projects meet the following international standards.

    • B31.1 Power Piping: Inspection services for power plant piping systems, focusing on the safety and efficiency of high-pressure pipes.
    • Sec. I Boiler: Inspections of boiler construction, ensuring all components withstand pressure and heat as intended.
    • B31.3 Process Piping: Specialized inspections for piping in chemical and petroleum plants, focusing on the integrity and safety of process pipes.
    • B31Q: Inspections dedicated to the integrity of pipeline systems, emphasizing the safety of gas and liquid transmission pipelines.
    • B31.4 Transportation: Ensuring the safe transport of liquids through pipelines, including crude oil, refined products, and natural gas liquids.
    • Sec. IX Welder Qualification: Verification of welder skills and techniques, ensuring they meet the specific qualifications for project requirements.

AWS (American Welding Society): Verifying welding quality and practices meet the esteemed AWS standards.

    • AWS D1.1: Structural welding code for steel, ensuring the safety and stability of steel structures.
    • AWS D1.2: Aluminum structural welding code, focusing on the unique requirements of aluminum construction.
    • AWS D1.3: Structural welding code for sheet steel, emphasizing the precision in thin-gauge steel assembly.
    • AWS D1.4: Reinforcing steel welding code, critical for the integrity of reinforced concrete structures.
    • AWS D1.5: Bridge welding code, ensuring the safety and durability of welded bridges.
    • AWS D1.6: Stainless steel structural welding code, addressing the specific challenges of stainless steel assemblies.
    • AWS D1.7: Guide for strengthening and repairing existing structures, ensuring the longevity and safety of modifications.
    • AWS D17.1: Specification for welding in the aerospace industry, addressing the high-demand quality standards of aerospace applications.

AWWA (American Water Works Association): Ensuring water infrastructure meets the quality standards for public safety and efficiency.

    • D100 Tank: Inspections of welded steel tanks for water storage, focusing on durability and safety.
    • C200 Piping: Ensuring the integrity and reliability of steel water pipes, critical for public water supply systems.

API (American Petroleum Institute): Specializing in the inspection of equipment and infrastructure welding and fabrication in the oil and gas industry.

    • API-650 Tank: Inspection of welded tanks for oil storage, ensuring they are safe, reliable, and compliant with industry standards.
    • API-653: Inspection, repair, alteration, and reconstruction of existing storage tanks, maintaining their safety and functionality.
    • API-1104: Welding of pipelines and related facilities, focusing on the quality and safety of pipeline construction and maintenance.




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